Meet the team behind the scenes

Who We Are

Vivid Design is a Toronto-based brand and communications design company. We are an agile design group with a unique artistic and professional approach incorporating visual communication and presentation, strategic design and consumer psychology.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a successful branding, beginning with how the brand owner perceives the world; manifesting itself with style, philosophy and structure by which the business is conducted and finally; in the way customers are handled: novelty and loyalty. And this is our premise.
Norman Valdez
Norman Valdez Project Director
Norman is the Project Director of Vivid Design. He brings over a decade of experience as a Web Designer, Graphic Designer and Online Community Manager.

He holds his Masters in Information Systems and an Honors Bachelors Degree with a specialization in Digital Enterprise Management from the University of Toronto. Norman has worked at the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) as the Digital Media and Communications Manager overseeing the websites, social media strategy and IT infrastructure. He is an avid blogger and is passionate about a myrad of topics ranging from technology, social media, politics, health, psychology to philosophy.

Duygu Basmaci
Duygu Basmaci Creative Director
An Information Systems Engineer, she graduated both from State University of New York and Istanbul Technical University with a dual-diploma degree retrieving her B. Eng. and B. Sc. as a top tier student and completed her Masters in Information Systems in U of T as well.

Duygu has been involved with the arts for over two decades through dance and choreography as well as thorough graphic design and photography. Her expertise in marketing, communications and design has supported the work of writers, musicians, theatre and dance schools in Toronto. Her passion lies in visual expression of emotions and using arts to create universal stories and raise awareness.